Grandma’s Support Landing Page

If you’ve found yourself here I want to start by thanking you for helping out with Grandma’s care as she goes through treatment. Every little bit you can do to support her means the world to me.

Invite LinkRecipient can use this link to join the WhatsApp group text
Trello Board Invite LinkUse this link to join the Trello board for task coordination
Trello BoardThis is where we coordinate tasks that need to be done. The board is public so anyone can view. If you would like to edit just drop your email in the WhatsApp chat.
CalendarThis is where dinner runs and doctor’s appointments are organized. The calendar is public so anyone can view. If you would like permission to edit just drop your email in the WhatsApp chat.


Todo List


Getting Going with Trello

Why Use Trello

Trello makes collaborating on todo lists simple. Every task that needs to be done is given its own card. These cards are then organized into lists. Cards can contain all relevant information (who’s working currently working, any comments on the task, images and other media, etc.) associated with the task.


  1. First make sure you have the proper application downloaded for your device. All applications can be found here.
  2. Then follow this invite link. After completing the set up process you should now be able to view and edit the board the board.

Getting Started

  1. Take a look through the various lists. Going from top to bottom try to find a card that you can help out with.
  2. If no one is currently working it (i.e. there are no members attached to the card) feel free to join it. It would also be helpful to throw a message into the WhatsApp group to let others know you’ve picked up the card.
  3. If someone is currently working on a card you’d like to help out with reach out to that person to see how you can assist. If they need assistance add yourself to the card and drop a comment in the WhatsApp group.
  4. After completing a task drop a comment on the card explaining what you’ve done along with any information that might be relevant (example: “Tools are now organized, box can be found in garage.”). Feel free to attach an image of the work if you’re feeling fancy. Finally move the card over to the Tasks Complete list.
  5. After completing a bill add a comment with relevant information and move the card over to the Bills Paid list.